FM Antique & Art Shop was started over 10 years ago by Felicia Martinez.  Before it became the antique center, the site was her unused garage. 

Her love for collecting jewelry & antique items span over 20years.  This antique picking itch was not just a fad but turned into a contagious fever as the love, appreciation, and inspiration to find and flip antiques. It had a deeper meaning and I started my collection by buying just one action figure from a store. Then the true obsession began and I needed to expand my collection. I would search eBay’s vintage listings for action figures, die cast models, and rare limited edition toys that were sold in exclusive packaging. While on this mission of collecting, I bought large collections and started to get multiples of the same items. I sold the ones I did not need on eBay and starting making money.

At FM Antique & Art Shop, we ensure our customers get value for money by selling geniue items.